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dress circle SUIT HIRE is committed to dressing you immaculately on your special day. Therefore it is all the more important that you start shopping around for the right suit as soon as possible.


We suggest that you should allow at least 8 weeks before the wedding to shop around and to book your suits. This will ensure that the right styles and sizes are available and of course that would mean one important chore out of the way.


Get an idea of the suits you want by browsing through our brochure or our website. For formal events, check the dress code. Dinner suits are appropriate for black tie events while evening tails are needed for white tie functions. For school balls and other themed events, discuss your requirements with us.

A proper fitting is recommended at our store. We recommend that you make an appointment for a fitting. This will ensure that we can give you the 100% attention that you deserve.

For weddings, let us know the style, the formality and the colour scheme. We will try to find the perfect match of waistcoats and ties for you. Alternatively, our in-house tailoring team can make them for you. We realise that it is sometimes difficult to round up the "troops" for a fitting. The most important thing is that the groom gets fitted for his suit first. The rest can be fitted at a later stage, but not too late!

For those who are not currently residing in NZ, get a fitting at any tailor or menswear shop in their city. A fitting chart can be downloaded from our website. Make sure that the weight and height measurements are also filled in. We also recommend that they be available for a dress circle fitting as soon as they arrive.

The suits are normally ready to be picked up the day before the occasion. It is recommended that they try them on as soon as possible to avoid any surprises on the actual day.


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We suit you best!
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